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T. Smith Roofing & Renovations Ltd provide lead work and lead flashing services across Walsall, Cannock, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Aldridge and surrounding areas.

  • Lead flashing – If the lead section between your tiles and the wall of the building is starting to falter, call us to solve the problem.

Lead Fashings have been used for many years to protect chimneys and roofs from the wear and tear of weather. Whether it is rain, snow, hail or excessive heat, Lead Flashings have demonstrated themselves time and time again to be reliable and effective. For this reason, we happily endorse, provide and install Lead Flashings across the West Midlands. The resulting durability and protection provided by having Lead Flashings on your roof and chimney makes your chimney and roof far more protected whilst providing you complete peace of mind. Ask about our Lead Roof and Lead Roof repair services too.

Whatever your lead roofing requirements, our lead work and flashing systems are a cost effective, reliable and an attractive choice.

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Tom's work ethic and professional attitude were second to none. From the start he has kept me informed, provided an honest and reasonable quote and been punctual with every visit. His team have done a very good job and been pleasant to have around. I would highly recommend and wish them well in what will be a very bright future
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Simon Smith

Competitively Priced

A very professional, courteous and excellent attitude throughout from Tom. He and his team were very efficient. The job was competitively priced. He kept us fully informed. We are very happy indeed with a job well done. This was a roof repair job where tiles had come off. Looking good now.
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Muni Cook

Great service

Great service. Came next morning. Did job good price. Friendly staff. Thanks
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Claire Seward

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Tips for Lead Roof Walsall and Sutton Coldfield

See listed below. Prior to you go any further its advisable you have a fire extinguisher to hang, simply in case! Also Examine your insurance to see if you are covered for use of naked flames. If you are not you use at your own danger. As soon as the lead has now been protected with the nails.

This will take the white grainy finishing (referred to as oxidation) off the leading making the lead good and shiny once again. This will allow the bitumen backing to stick to the lead far better. Now stick a spot of flash band over the crack and warm up lightly with the heat gun.

7 tips for Lead Roof Repair CannockProven Lead Flashings Walsall

It should appear like this. Flash band Repair work, Now as soon as the flash band has been heated onto the broken lead you can now paint it with the Acrypol paint. Make sure you give it a great even spread out and brush the fibres into the ridge of the flash band. Attempt and make your paint repair work great and neat.

5 ways for Lead Roof Flashing Aldridge West Midlands

Some lead sheet is still made by the initial technique of casting molten lead on a bed of sand. This cast lead sheet is produced by professional firms and is largely used for replacing old lead sheet on cathedrals and churches where credibility is essential. Initially manufactured on rolling mills and referred to as milled lead sheet, it started to change cast lead sheet at the beginning of the 19th century, and today, almost all the lead sheet used in structure remains in this kind.

Preventative measures should be taken against the risk of fire when making repair work utilizing a blow-torch. Where a hot working restriction is imposed, repairs can only be made by either taking the faulty panels out and welding spots off website, or sealing the fractures with a patent sealing tape. We do not normally suggest the latter due to the fact that repair tapes do not typically last long.

Thermal Motion The primary reason for failure is because of over sizing typically coupled with over fixing. Lead sheet on buildings is generally fixed externally and is thus subjected to conditions of altering temperature level. Lead has a high coefficient of linear expansion and when the distinction between the winter and summertime temperature levels are considered the outcome of a simple estimation will show a boost in the size of the sheet.

3 ways for Lead Flashings Walsall

A Guide to Lead Roof Repair CannockFinding out about Lead Flashings Walsall

Bays on flat roofings should only be repaired at the top third of the roll under cloak only and on angled roofs and cladding across the head under the lap joints. Copper maintaining clips repaired within the joints must enable thermal motion to occur and mendings along the free edges must hold the lead easily against wind lift – Lead Flashings Walsall.

This kind of failure is triggered by utilizing repairing methods and products without factor to consider to the weight of the lead or the degree of direct exposure to wind lift. The weight of lead will cause the sheet to tear away from any fixings which are positioned too near the top of the sheet.

5 ways for Lead Flashings Walsall5 tips for Lead Roof Repair Cannock

All head fixings should be covered by a lap joint suitable for the degree of pitch. In general, mendings should be consisted of in jointing information and the panel sizes need to be reduced so that intermediate repairings are unnecessary. Flashing's and weathering's are typically insecurely fixed and during current years, high winds have revealed up lots of weak points in fixing details.

5 methods for Lead Roof Repair Lichfield and Brownhills

Step flashing's must be fixed with a wedge to each action. Fixing clips must be detailed for all totally free edges of lead sheet. These need to be detailed to fit the degree of exposure of the lead flashing to wind lift. All clips must be fixed with enough tolerance for thermal movement.

Lead sheet must have a continuous support of a smooth decking product. This should have a suitable underlay between the lead and substrate. An inappropriate underlay will trigger the result in buckle and split – in some cases even where the panels are not large or over fixed. Roofing felts with a bituminous surface or natural fibres with a bonding agent can become sticky in heat and trigger the result in be bonded securely to the substrate.

Wetness Rust In well heated buildings, it is possible for warm wet air to filter through to the roofing structure and, unless prevented, condense on the inner face of the sheet lead. If there is insufficient air circulation to form a stable patina, rust of the lead sheet is probable.

Proven Lead Roof Repair Cannock

The deterioration procedure is sometimes advanced by the existence of oak wood or an organic fibre underlay. Specific attention ought to be paid to the conditions inside the structure and likewise within the roof structure itself. Wetness will move from one location to another below a roof decking. Despite a vapour barrier and dry site conditions throughout building, condensation may still form on the underside of the lead sheet.

Conclusion Lead sheet is a dependable material. In the hands of a person trained and experienced in lead working skills it will not just boost the aesthetic appeal of a building, but will keep the structure dry for numerous years. There is a list of specialist lead employees offered who are members of the Lead Professionals Association.

When in doubt about any lead work information it is always best to obtain the latest details and recommendations. The Lead Sheet Association provides technical guidance on all aspects of lead sheet use.

Understanding Lead Roof Flashing Repair Pelsall Walsall

Lead flashing, over the years, has provided vital waterproofing support for houses up and down the UK. After all, in lots of cases, its lack would suggest damp, spoiled carpets, musty smells, and a whole host of issues further down the line. Lead flashing has actually usually been utilized throughout the UK in traditional building work such as churches and upmarket houses however regardless of its amazing resistance to the aspects, even lead, after a time, can begin to develop weaknesses such as fractures and splitting and this is not down to deterioration – Lead Roof Sutton Coldfield.

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